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2023 Forest of Reading® Award Nominees

The nominees have been announced!
If you'd like to order your Forest sets online, click here for complete sets, or here so that you can look at each title, by program.
Click here for the nominated titles for the Evergreen 2023 program, the Adult Level program from the Forest of Reading. Click here for a printable order form.
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To receive all the benefits of the Forest of Reading, you can register your school on the Ontario Library Association's Forest of Reading Official Website here.


The Forest of Reading is Canada's largest recreational reading program. This initiative of the Ontario Library Association (OLA) offers ten reading programs to encourage a love of reading in people of all ages. The Forest helps celebrate Canadian books, publishers, authors and illustrators. More than 270,000 readers participate annually from their school and/or public library. All Canadians are invited to participate via their local public library, school library, or individually.

The Forest of Reading Award Programs are where children and young adults pick the winner. Readers choose a program that they would like to be a part of, usually based on their age or grade, and simply begin reading! They can read all ten of the titles, or pick and choose to read only the ones they are interested in. Participants are encouraged to read at least five of the ten titles to be eligible to vote in April. This program aims to encourage a genuine and life-long love of reading among readers of all ages.

To receive all the benefits of the Forest of Reading, register your school with the Ontario Library Association here

Registrants in any of the Forest programs receive access to hundreds of activities, exclusive messaging & promotions, virtual content from nominees, voting privileges, plus much more. Register today!

Become a part of the incredible Forest of Reading program for one low annual cost. Register the entire school, public library branch or your family, and pay only one small fee.

  • Each school, library branch or location must register individually.

  • The fee provides access to everything needed to run a successful and engaging program.

  • Note: Forest of Reading and all of its ten programs are trademarked or registered and cannot be run under the tree names (i.e., Silver Birch Book Club) without registration.

The annual registration fee covers ALL ten programs. Groups have the option to run either one or all ten for the same fee. This offers readers and communities more options when working with readers at different levels.

Please Note: You must be registered in order to use the names and logos of the Forest and its programs.


Since 2014, Tinlids has been the official wholesaler for the Forest of Reading. In this capacity, Tinlids:

  • Is intricately involved in all stages of the program

  • Provides major financial support to the program

  • Acts as an extension of the Forest of Reading staff

  • Is involved beginning with the submissions of books right to when the Award is given

  • Works closely with Publishers to get eligible books to the Selection Committees for consideration

  • Delivers hundreds of books to committees throughout the year and manages all routing of materials

  • Is integral in enforcing the brand of the Forest of Reading

  • Operates the bookstore at all Festivals

For more information on the Forest of Reading, please visit the OLA’s Forest of Reading Website.