Marion's Alphabet Poster

This beautiful poster is now available for purchase from Tinlids at a price of $5.00, and can be picked up at our showroom or at one of the many trade shows we do each year. If you are not able to purchase the poster in person, we can ship it to you for $15.00, which includes postage and handling. All profits from the sale of Marion's Alphabet go to IBBY Canada. Click here for a closer view of the intricate artwork in this one-of-a-kind poster.

Marion Seary was a prominent bookseller at the now closed Children's Book Store in Toronto. Her high standards, expertise and generosity touched hundreds of children, parents, educators and those of us who were so fortunate to be called her friends.

After she had lost her central vision to macular degeneration, Marion was challenged by her husband Michael to make a set of cards showing the letters of the alphabet using the collage technique and utilizing her Optelec machine (a device that greatly enlarges flat objects onto a viewing screen). These alphabet cards were completed by the end of 2006 and they demonstrate how art and courage can defeat depression and loss, especially if your name is Marion Seary. Marion died on January 31, 2007.